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16. - 22. JULY

This year’s youth camp is Deeper.

Let’s look carefully at the tools that help us to be sure of our essential beliefs.

Together, we can go deeper into theology and relationships. We all have a task to be a missionary. In order to be a good one, we need to know Bible very well and have a deep relationship with God. This year, we want to learn together about these things.

Certainly, there will be a campfire, fun activities, a sauna, a night game and more exciting stuff. Come and take part in the most refreshing and the deepest camp you have ever been.

See you in youth camp!


Mindaugas Pikunas

Mindaugas is a leader of youth and mission department in Baltic Union.

Estonian youth got to know Mindaugas already in 2012 in Jõhvi’s youth days. He is a passionate promoter of evangelism and eager to deliver different trainings. In his life, there is an important place for God, family and church – exactly in this order it has to be in our lives. This time he will share with us how to keep things in correct order and in balance with each other.


Pähklimäe Camp Centre, Saaremaa


Youth can sleep in their own tents or for extra fee inside the house (limited). Sleeping indoors in public room costs 30 per person. Firstly, this is meant for families with small children. There are 5 rooms with 4 to 8 beds.

  • Signed camper’s participation card (compulsory for everybody)
  • Clean socks and underwear for every day
  • T-shirts
  • A couple of pairs of comfortable shoes (including something for sports)
  • A couple of pairs of long trousers and short ones
  • Waterproof clothing or a rain coat
  • Swimwear
  • Flip-flops
  • Summer hat
  • Sun screen
  • Something to put on in a colder day (coat, cardigan etc.)
  • Stuff for personal hygiene (sponge-bob, shower gel, shampoo, hair brush etc.)
  • Towel
    • Tent or a sleeping place in friend’s tent
    • Sleepwear
    • If staying inside, bed-linen
    • Medications if needed
    • Water bottle
    • Dishes
    • Money for visiting a buffet (optional)
    • Culicide (something against mosquitos)
    • The most important – good mood


    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Other narcotic stuff
  • There is a discount for a household. Two members of a household pay full price; third and next members get a 50% discount.
  • If you have some food intolerances, please mention it in registration form.
  • Additionally, there is a possibility to donate 5, 10 and 25 euros.
  • By paying participation fee, you have a right to attend all of the programme, the activities and services the camp offers. Please chose one of packages in registration form.
  • By paying a participation fee, you confirm your registration.
  • When the registration dead line is over, you will not get camp food. But you can still visit us for one day.
  • NB! Registration is confirmed by bank transfer. If you decide not to participate (although you have paid), you will get all your money back if you inform us more than 20 days before the beginning of the camp. If you inform us to 10 days before event, you will get back 50% of your money. But if you inform us less than 9 days before camp, there will be no refund.
  • We welcome to the camp youth aged over 14 years. (Youth younger than 14 is allowed to camp only with adult supervision.)
  • Registration deadline is 14.07.2018.
Full package
40€ - 70€
  • Price depends on time of registration:
  • 40€  – March to April
  • 50€ – May
  • 60€ – June
  • 70€ – July
  • Includes:
  • Meals from Monday dinner to Sunday lunch
  • Place for a tent
  • Optional:
  • Sleeping in a bed 30€. Places are limited, 35 places total; families with small children are preferred.
20€ - 25€
  • FRIDAY to SUNDAY  25€
  • Meals from Friday’s lunch to Sunday’s lunch
  • Place for a tent
  • Meals from Friday’s lunch to Sunday’s lunch
  • Place for a tent
One day
5€ - 10€
  • Without food 5€
  • With food 10€
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